Hill's Wildflower Gabby and  Blueberry Cottage Max at Dreamland Doodles

Puppies arrived March 15, 2020

Puppies should mature to large medium sized Australian Labradoodles.

Gabby and Max's puppies should be social, outgoing, affectionate and friendly just like their parents!



ALAA Registration Number ALAA - 049930

WALA Registration Number WALA-00009059

ALAA Registration Number ALAA - 073030

Gabby is a happy go lucky girl. Even though she is a full size doodle, 21 inch tall at the shoulder and 42 pounds, she still thinks shes a lap dog.  She is usually found in the evening cuddled up beside me on the sofa.  When given a treat she loves to savor it taking her time to enjoying it.  

See Gabby's page for health testing

Max is a small medium boy with lots of personality in addition to his good looks! He is happy, social, outgoing, affectionate and friendly with everyone!   

18 inches tall and 34 pounds


Black and Tan Phantom 

Wavy Fleece 

CERF               Clear

Hips                 Good

Elbows            Normal

EIC                   Clear

DM                  Clear                  

PAR                  Clear

vWF                 Clear           



New Born 

One Week Old

Two Weeks Old

"Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces and old dog.  It merely expands the heart."