Hill's Wildflower Brigitte Bardoodle

ALAA Registration Number - ALAA-076170

WALA Registration Number - WALA-00011697



Coat Type:



Health Testing:                





18 inches tall and 30 pounds

Fleece coat


  Not yet complete






Brigitte is Vette's daughter who is our glamour girl straight from Hale's Labradoodles in California.  Brigitte lives with our grandson and loves her life with Lily and three cats.  She has a soft fluffy caramel coat with a lighter patch over the bridge of her nose.   She love to cuddle with Eric and lets him know if he has been spending to long on the computer and not enough quality time with her.  Her favorite place to wait for Eric to come home from work is the back of the sofa looking out of the window.  She love her walks and going to the dog park.     

Brigitte should have her first litter of puppies in 2021.