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                             Puppy Supplies

Stainless steel water and food bowl

Acana Puppy and  Junior Food ( your puppy will come with a three to four day supply)

Nuvet Labs:   NuVet Plus (protects, strengthens and supports your new puppies immune system)

Tasty wholesome treats

Poop Bags

Puppy shampoo - tearless (Do not use baby shampoo it must be for dogs)


Brush (slicker type)

Tooth brush and tooth paste (it must be tooth paste for dogs you can't use human tooth paste for a dog)

Collar and 5 to 6 foot walking leash (your puppy comes with both)

I also really like a 16 foot long flexi leash (for a max 30 pound dog)

Harness ( you will have to brush the puppy's chest frequently or the hair will mat because of the harness rubbing on it)


Blanket (your puppy comes with one which has been rubbed on his mom and brother and sisters)


Toys (your puppy comes with a stuffed toy) 

Comfy bed

The following  depends on how you want to contain and train your puppy:

Kennel with a kennel pad for sleeping in (your puppy  by four weeks is already sleeping in a kennel however the door is not shut so they can go out and go to the bathroom)

Exercise pen fencing

Baby gate (if you will be blocking off a room for your puppy to be in when you aren't at home)

Pee pads and a holder or a Puppy Go Here Potty Box with wood or paper pellets (depending on how you are going to start training your puppy)

Without my dog my wallet would be fatter, my house would be cleaner. But my heart would be empty.

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