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                             Health Guarantee

This contract applies only to the original purchaser and does not transfer, if the ownership of the dog changes.


Wildflower Labradoodles (known as the breeder) will provide a healthy puppy to the purchaser.  The purchaser must within 2 days have the puppy examined by a veterinarian at their expense.  If the veterinarian finds the puppy to have serious health issues  the purchaser must contact Wildflower Labradoodles immediately.  A report from the examining veterinarian must be provided and the puppy returned within 48 hours for a full refund or for a replacement puppy form the next available litter. 


Wildflower Labradoodles will provide a 2 (two) year (from the date of birth) health guarantee against genetic illness that are considered life threatening or will adversely effect the dogs quality of life.  This does not include conditions that are common among living creatures ie: ear infections, food or environmental allergies, insect bites, inflammation from unknown causes, or dental procedures. The purchaser must provide reports from two independent veterinarians and allow Wildflower Labradoodles to verify the condition with a veterinarian of their choosing in the province of British Columbia, Canada.


If the puppy has been neglected, not fed the food recommended by the breeder, has been exercised repetitively or strenuously, abused, has not been provided proper protection from the elements or not been provided with proper medical care, the guarantee is void.

Bravecto, Trifexis, Nexgard, Credelio and Simparica are not recommended as they can causes seizures and death in many dogs and as such the warranty is null and void if any of these products are used.

If the puppy develops hip or elbow dysplasia during the first two years and it has had excessive or insufficient exercise, is overweight, Wildflower Labradoodles will not guarantee for Hip or Elbow dysplasia.

If the puppy develops hip or elbow dysplasia it must be verified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).


If the puppy develops a life threatening disease during the first two years and it has not been caused by the above stated reasons and the owner does not wish to return the puppy for a replacement, Wildflower Labradoodles will pay veterinarian costs up to $2000.00 directly to the veterinary clinic providing care for the puppy.


Maximum total payable under this health guarantee is $2000.00.


The breeder is not liable for veterinary care and its costs other than as agreed to in the contract.





     Provide indoor living quarters, and a fenced yard.

     Not allow the puppy in public places (pet stored, dog parks, puppy kindergarten, etc.) until         the puppy has all it vaccinations  completed.

     Keep all vaccinations including rabies current.

     Provide annual veterinarian wellness exams and medical care.

     Provide access to clean water and premium quality dog food (recommended by the 

      breeder) or a balanced raw diet.

     Provide adequate exercise, without it being repetitive or strenuous in the first year of life, as       this can contribute to hip and elbow dysplasia.

     Provide proper grooming, ear cleaning and nail clipping.

     Provide proper socialization and training.

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