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                             Guardian Home

Wildflower Labradoodles offers a guardian home program to ensure that all my breeding dogs get the love and attention they deserve.

Occasionally I hold back a puppy as a potential breeding dog.  This puppy lives in your home and is raised as part of your family.

Your would be responsible for:

     Veterinarian Costs - not associated with breeding


     A Yearly health check up

     Grooming at regular intervals



     Regular Exercise

     Quality Food - that I recommend

I pay for all the necessary health testing and cost associated with breeding.

When the puppy is old enough for health testing I will need to have access to the puppy.  Depending on where you live this could be for a few hours or a day.

When the dog is old enough for breeding:

If it is a female it will spend about a week at my home for breeding, depending on where you are located. 


When it comes time to whelp the litter of puppies it will spend about eight weeks at my home.

If it is a male that I want to use for breeding he may spend a few hours to a few days away from your home.

When the dog is finished its breeding career it would then be spayed or neutered and ownership will be signed over to you.

If you live within a two hour drive from Salmon Arm B.C.:

Own your own home

Have a fenced yard

Have no other unaltered female or male dogs in your home

There is someone at home most of the time

Are willing to communicate regularly and work together with me

Sign a contract that states how may litters a female will have and at what age a male will be neutered

Please consider this opportunity to own a pick of the litter puppy.

If you would like to participate in this amazing opportunity to help further the development of the Australian Labradoodle breed, please fill out an Adoption Application.  In the comments section on the Adoption Application please note that you are interested in being a Guardian Home.

Australian Labradoodle
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